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CroBonez – How Does It Work?

What is the CroBonez Secret?

With CroBonez, you build a powerful Neural Pathway for Stronger, More Efficient, & Powerful Sequential Orgasms.
CroBonez is not a dick, not a dildo, not a vibrator. CroBonez is easy to use and more powerful than anything or anyone you’ve experienced before.

It’s said, ”You don’t know what you don’t know!”

This is CroBonez Orgasm education they never teach in school. Here is the low-down on women’s physiology and the clitoral system.

Products for Orgasms
Products for Orgasms CroBonez - How Does It Work?

This is the white removable adjustable HANDLE! You are in total control with this handle providing leverage and power to move either the Flower or Orb head pink base for as long as you want building that full full feeling.

Relax, lay back, focus, and receive pleasure and what feels good to you.

Use the Long White HANDLE when you are Solo and the Short White HANDLE for your partner with their chin in the CHIN CUP.

Products for Orgasms CroBonez - How Does It Work?
Go ahead say it: “It looks so big?” That’s because it is POWERFUL. CroBonez is 2 pounds of pure platinum cured silicone, so this mass feels like a human head on your blossom. This is the Duo flower base, meaning you can Get Your Bone On by yourself and with a partner. This angle shows for Solo Play. The Flowerhead you see goes inside with the Loving Hand Flap on the outside for total clitoral stimulating and massaging inside and out. Underneath is the Chin Cup!
Products for Orgasms

Any partner can now be a Cunnilingus Connoisseur with their chin placed exactly where it needs to be for their mouth, lips and tongue positioned perfectly every time.

With their chin ready for pleasure outside, and their hand on the handle to provide the pressure with easy movements for total stimulation of your Clitoral System inside and out.

NO THRUSTING IN OR OUT! Constant steady pressure and stimulation for as long as you want.

Products for Orgasms CroBonez - How Does It Work?

When you are by yourself, or your partner does not care about your pleasure, then Go Solo and Get Your Bone On anyway. You deserve pleasure any time and all the time.

Lube Up the Orb head to insert easily stimulating your entire clitoral system inside while the loving hand flap massages the outside.

Lay back, relax, concentrate, and focus on you and your Orgasm Power with every smooth and easy breath and every movement of the handle.

Products for Orgasms CroBonez - How Does It Work?

The CroBonez Flower provides huge pressure and massive Orgasm Power like you’ve never experienced before.

Lube it up, lay back, open your hips, squeeze and wiggle CroBonez in, relax, concentrate.

Focus on you and your Orgasm Power with every smooth and easy breath and every movement of the handle on for the Fullest Full Feeling you’ve ever experienced.

Products for Orgasms CroBonez - How Does It Work?

Make a wish ladies who are with ladies with the WishBonez handle. Imagine you are providing loving pleasure to and with each other using CroBonez.

The WishBonez handle attaches to pink bases Solos or Duo. Imagine now you’ve both had multiple sequential Orgasm Power releases, and you are now ready to be eyes to eyes, lips to lips, breasts to breasts, hips to hips, hand on hand holding the WishBonez.

Get Your WishBonez On!

"It took me a few minutes to get it with CroBonez. Now I / We use it all the time as he loves to watch me have my orgasms and then he’s ready for his fun. Plus its great for me whenever I’m alone. Thank you for sharing how the both of us can enjoy this."
- Jill J.