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P L A A A Y Is Healthy For You !

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P L A A A Y Is Healthy For You !

It's All About You!

Female Empowerment Recording Sampler

Just Press the Play Arrow to Listen to A Sampling of My Smooth, Comforting, Female Empowerment Audio Recordings. All My Recordings Are Designed to Relax You Easily. You Are Going to Love and Allow My Suggestions for Self Esteem and Self Love in Magical Garden. Have Your Beauty Sleep Every Night with Deep Blue Power Sleep. Wake Up With Suggestions for Fit and Trim Input and Output for Optimal Health. My Full Length and Rapid Recordings Are All for Your AAAARRRGGHAZM POWER NOW! You’ll Hear My Voice, as well as an Evolved Useful Primal Man’s Comforting Male Voice Samples.

AAAARRRGGHAZM POWER NOW! Success! (results may vary)

AAAARRRGGHAZMic Rejuvenation

Dear CroBonerator, I would like to say I am totally amazed at my ability to orgasm now. Since I had been raped when I was young, I thought it would be impossible to enjoy that part of my life. I have listened to the recordings for over three months now and started plaaaying and loving myself more and more. I now realize my pleasure organ is just that, for MY PLEASURE! I intuitively knew that orgasms were good for my health, this kept me going and I equated the plaaay with exercise and I saw progress over time. I am now loving myself fully and have massive Aaaarrrgghazmz every week! Another huge plus for me is that I am now off the antidepressant medicine! I can’t thank you enough for reminding me to make sure my pleasure and health are number one and that it is ok to bring them back into my life. My life has increased in Joy exponentially! Susan, Jacksonville, FL

Back In the Game

Dear Christine, Thank you so much for getting me back in the game. I feel so alive after incorporating orgasms (ARGZ) back into my life. I am a healthy 70 year old and my husband passed away 5 years ago. I had not even thought about my pleasure in years; I really didn’t think it was possible. Once I started applying the techniques recommended about playtime, my body started remembering the full feeling I used to love so much when I was with my husband. Every day i set aside time to plaaay (what a great idea) for my health and have been so much happier, with a more positive outlook. I am grateful for your courage to remind ladies to have orgasms for themselves and their health. Thank you again, Vivian, Tavares, Florida


Hello CroBonerator, I was married at the age of 20 and by the time I was 35 I had gained weight and pretty much quit having sex with my husband. I made the decision in my head first to regain a youthful sex life by working on myself. The recordings of Magical Garden to grow self love and Fit & Trim to lose some weight, really encouraged me and gave me the motivation to keep going. Once I learned how to make time and Plaaay every day, even if it were only 5 minutes, I gradually regained my delicious joy of orgasm again. Since I started the program, and yes it’s like exercise, my life has gotten richer. My husband is so proud of me and my new confident aaaarrrgghazmic self. I have learned to share myself again with him and our love has been amplified. Thank you! – MaryAnne Tampa, Fl