COMING 10/1/21 ! Women’s Orgasm Workshop

WOW#1: It’s all Starts with You! What Gets Measured Gets Done, Improvement Requires Measurement. This is the starting point to build your Orgasm Power. Simple self assessments 1-10 so you can measure your progress. It all starts here with you want more of what you deserve, Self Love

WOW#2: Primal Design: These are the things they don’t teach about your physiology. Once you grasp your understanding of your primal design, you can now take control of your Orgasm Power and grow it everyday.

WOW#3: BE SELFISH! This workshop is is all about you and building your Orgasm Power with CroBonez. You are going to learn about the power of programming and how to evolve the way you want to evolve using your mind to build your Orgasm Power.

WOW#4: MIND AND BODY: CroBonez is the complete mind-body Orgasm Power experience. You are going to experience a psychosomatic response, it will blow your mind. These are essential skills for relaxation concentration , visualization and imagination for building your orgasm power.

WOW#5: YOU ARE AN ORGASM SYSTEM! Visually experience your physiology from what’s between your ears to what’s between your legs and how to connect it all for more and more Orgasm Power with CroBonez

WOW#6: USING CroBonez for PLAAAY. Solo or Duo it is Performance Leading Actions All About You

WOW#7: WHEN YOUR PARTNER IS A MALE. You have what they want, so take control as you now Come First, Second, and Third. Pack them a lunch, then couch is all set for with a blanket, for you to take control and flex your Orgasm Power.

WOW#8: Get Your Bone On with CroBonez! It’s now time to Get Your Bone On with CroBonez and learn how to use building pleasure and connecting your mind and body completely for Orgasm Power.

WOW#9 SELF SCORING: You are now an Orgasm Power work in progress, how are you doing on your personal and orgasmic development ?

CroBonez Orgasm Power Relaxation Response AUDIO: Listen to this recording while using your CroBonez. CAUTION This recording is designed to relax you deeply. Never listen to while driving , operating machinery, or piloting aircraft or water vessels.

Deep Blue Power Sleep Audio: listen to this only when in bed ready for sleep for deep, deep, restorative sleep.

Fit and Trim Audio: Improving your health and wellness when you listen to this audio designed with programming for you to make positive choices of healthy input and output.

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