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How Women Feel About CroBonez:

I absolutely love my CroBonez! I’ve been using CroBonez for around 3 months now.
Previously, i had tried vibrators, dildos and wands and was satisfied. Until, I walked to the CroBonez display at FetCon. When I heard you say your product creates “Pressure for that full full feeling” it’s what I need and yes it does exactly that like nothing else I have used.

SQUIRTING at 50! Good Evening! I wanted you to know that I absolutely love my Crobonez. It took some getting used to and its worth it. I have a question….have you ever received any feedback on squirting? I’ve never squirted in my life until now and it’s almost regular.

It took me a few minutes to get it with CroBonez. Now I / We use it all the time as he loves to watch me have my orgasms and then he’s ready for his fun. Plus its great for me whenever I’m alone. Thank you for sharing how the both of us can enjoy this.

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