Hello Ladies,

I just came back from exhibiting at the Ultimate Women’s Expo in Atlanta.
WOW – what a show jam-packed with all sort of products and services for women to feel good about themselves.
There I was, in sea of women’s clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, hair products, and such, and I am the only one selling ORGASMS!
The most powerful thing for women’s Health, Beauty, and Wellness and I am SOLO.

Yes, I am a SoloSexual, as I Get My Bone On Every Other Day for massive AAAARRRGGHAZMZ.
And when I want the company of a partner, on my terms, I can be a DuoSexual.
My booth was simple and uncluttered. I had a large TV screen showing my 90 second demonstration video on a repeat loop.
This display of female power and pleasure was a show-stopper, as I was fully clothed, demonstrating my Crobonez.
The reactions were varied from smiles, shock, laughter, inquisitiveness, a lot of head nodding and a couple cases of pure outrage.
When you want to get something started, just bring up the essence of Female Power: FEMALE ORGASM.

So many people were taking pictures and videos, show management watched for about an hour on Saturday. The police showed up on Sunday at 3:00, because of complaints.
The female sergeant was there for 5 minutes, watched the video and said what I was doing was needed for women.
I appreciate so much all of the positive feed back and encouragement I received just for bringing this topic out in public.
This is the topic and yet because of non-positive feminine programming and lack of sexual education… What Women Don’t Know, Does Hurt.

It is time now for all women to realize their clitoris has only one purpose, Their Pleasure.
It is time now to shine the light of truth, to be aware of the whole scope of their Clitoral Design.
It is time now for all women to understand how a massive orgasm response is both a mind and body, psycho-somatic response.
Once women become aware of these things, it’s like a light being turned on, or a fire being lit, and the Female Orgasm Darkness Fades.
It is Orgasm Enlightenment!
There comes a point when a shift in thinking about Your Female Orgasm must occur.
It is not a “Sex” thing. It is a “Womens Health and Wellness” thing.
That time is now for you to gain the knowledge of what “They” never told you or taught you:
Female Orgasm Power! For your Optimal Health, Total Wellbeing, Complete Wellness, and a Long Happy Life!
Get Your Bone On For Female Orgasm Power Now!

Your positive thoughts and positive comments are appreciated.