Hello Ladies,
About 60 miles from me is horse country. Rolling hills, miles and miles of wood fence, horse farm after horse farm, and all these beautiful horses, put out to pasture.
Some are there for breeding, some are there because they don’t race anymore,
some are for sale, some are there because, well, they are old.
When the youth is fading, or the age spots or wrinkles show more than before, or the muscle tone isn’t as tight as it used to be, or the hair doesn’t have the full body it used to have, it seems women are put out to pasture.
Don’t believe me?
Look at all of the women movie stars who hit that 40 plus age and their opportunity of getting roles evaporates. Look at all of the magazines in line at the supermarket and the images of women who are all “young and pretty”.
Why were my AAAARRRGGHAZM FACES banned from the YouTube?
The only logical conclusion is the people at Google do not want to have me, a 40 plus year old woman, having Massive Orgasms to motivate other 40 plus women to have their Massive Orgasms. Google prefers to show the young girls, or the dick-centric stuff for guys. Believe me, I’ve looked at everything. Google, along with the media, in general, are simply saying to women their whole lives, “When you hit the 40 plus age range, time to go find a pasture.”
All this talk from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, about women this and women that.
What a sham!
Not one word about real women’s empowerment, not one speech about the huge women’s health and wellness provided by women having Massive Orgasms.
How come? They too have put the 40 plus age ranged women out to pasture.
I have decided to not ever be put out to pasture.
No, that is not going to happen.
The reason is because I have an Amazing Clitoris which provides all of the pleasure I need in 15 minutes or less. When I use my CroBonez Personal Hand Held Pleasure Device for Massive AAAARRRGGHAZMZ, I receive huge health and wellness benefits that cannot be found from anyone or anyplace else. I have a powerful clitoris connected to my powerful brain, providing massively powerful AAAARRRGGHAZMZ, for a powerful state of wellness.
As long as you recognize you have the same thing and then take the actions, consistently, to get your Orgasm Power Now, then you can never be put out to pasture.
Get Your Bone On with CroBonez every other day and live the Orgasmic Life!

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