Hello Ladies.
Do you have Your Orgasm every time, without exception, when your male partner does?
Well you are not alone. As a matter of fact, you are in the vast majority!
Do you have a Massive Orgasm every time you have Sex?
Well join the crowd who have various Sex and the Orgasm is non existent or very elusive.
Do you need to have Sex to have your Orgasm every other day?
Definitely not!
Heres why:
You can have loads of Sex and have absolutely no Orgasmic response. When this rings true for you, you are not alone. You are among the many.
You can read all kinds of books and attend all kinds of workshops, hoping to improve Sex to have Orgasms. Just look at all the stuff online for guys and techniques for them to give you Orgasms, and find your G-spot, or make you cum and squirt.
What a farce. When there is so much science and technology now to indicate your Female Orgasm response is both a mental state, syncing up with physical stimulation, its time to recognize a simple Orgasm Truth:
Orgasms do not need Sex or even a Sexy thought.

So now, there is this concept of SoloSex. I call it SOLO PLAAAY.
SOLO: Self Originating Loving Orgasms.
Going SOLO is just that, having an Orgasm workout, with your mind and body, to build your Orgasm Strength and Power, just like going to the gym.
When you work out, your brain releases a variety of neural chemicals which makes you feel good, just like having your Orgasm makes you feel good.
SOLO PLAAAY or SOLOSEX is just like going to the gym, no judgements, no labels, no attachments.
You’re doing the work and exercise for your mind and body to sync up and release the healthy neural chemical cocktail when you Orgasm.
It is that simple.
Sure you can have all the Sex you want and have a lot of fun. When you have your SOLO PLAAAY or SOLOSEX, you are so much more prepared for having more fulfilling DUOSEX and having massive AAAARRRGGHAZMZ in DUO PLAAAY.
Get Your Bone On with CroBonez every other day and live the Orgasmic Life!

Your positive comments and responses are always appreciated.