Hello Ladies,
When I ask women “How was your orgasm today?” I receive a wide variety of responses.
The facial response says it all: What Orgasm today?
Ok, how about yesterday? The same look of emptiness shows.
Two days ago? Within the week?
That look of emptiness just deepens.

Then I get the other extreme: “I have orgasms all the time!”
What kind of an orgasm and how can you actually have them “all the time”?
I guess they’re like “on demand” TV shows featuring Dick, Dildos, and Vibrators.

Let’s break this down;
It is not just opinion, it is fact that the vast majority of women do not have orgasms from penile penetration, all the time.
In fact, a small percentage of women actually can have an orgasm from penile penetration and it is occasional at best; hence, Dick Don’t Do it.

There is the Dildo for Dick Replacement, so why bother.

There is the “the girls best friend”, BOB (battey operated boyfriend) her Vibrator.

I have stuffed all kinds of things in my blossom, in an attempt to orgasm.
They didn’t work for me.
I have tried on all the vibrators found in the stores. I may as well have licked my finger and stuck it in a light socket. They are irritating to me and they rob you of Orgasm Power by not allowing the slow build up of blood in the pelvic area.
Sure, you will get a response. It’s just not a deep, pleasurable one.

In my quest to have Orgasms, nothing worked, so I invented the CroBonez Personal Hand Held Pleasure Device and System.
What makes CroBonez unique is that it is the only product to address and synchronize the Mental and Physical components of Female Orgasm.

With all the Female Orgasm studies and work done, for over a century, they haven’t figured it out.
I did and, in the process, I discovered AAAARRRGGHAZMZ.
How do I know that AAAARRRGGHAZMZ are massively more powerful than Orgasms?
Because when I asked the women who “orgasm all the time” how you prove it,
they look perplexed. I hear all kinds of responses.
Ask a guy how he knows he is giving orgasms and you’ll be even more amazed at their responses.
The telltale signs of a CroBonez AAAARRRGGHAZMZ cannot be faked, are not pretty, and are massively powerful.
You’ll experience side effects like: temporary loss of hearing, temporary loss of the ability to speak, temporary loss of the ability to move, plus unmatched lasting AAAARRRGGHAZMIC EUPHORIA.
The proof of AAAARRRGGHAZM is in the immediate pirate scent oozing from your armpit, due to the brain flooding the body with a natural chemical cocktail, which triggers the release of pheromones, your primal animal scent.
This release is immediate, undeniably noticeable, and cannot be faked.
When you now want this kind of massive Orgasm Power, and the health benefits of having massive AAAARRRGGHAZMZ, then CroBonez is for you.
“On Demand” AAAARRRGGAHAZMZ are within your reach, just like the remote control.
Get Your Bone On with CroBonez every other day and live the Orgasmic Life!

Your positive comments and responses are always appreciated.