Female Orgasm Every Other Day: Making It A Habit! 1-27-16

You’ve probably heard “when you do something for 21 days straight then it becomes a habit.”
What happens when you don’t do something for 21 days straight.? Is that a habit too?
Habits: a pattern of learned behavior that at some point becomes automatic.
I’ve got habits, you’ve got habits, we’ve all got habits.
What makes one habit good, and another habit bad?
Now that is the question when it comes to Female Orgasm.

There’s science that says habits are a 3 step process:

The first step is a Trigger that somewhere says to you: “Hmm, I think I want to do that.”
Even when something you know is not good for you like smoking or over eating.
There is some emotional feeling that is triggering an action.
That trigger can be a positive one or a negative one. For instance, by taking that action you “fit in” and people will “like you” or you are going to “feel good”.

The second step is to Take That Action and actually doing it and then having that action become part of the routine.
Think of the things you might be doing over and over, and you just do them automatically:
Like brushing your teeth, taking a shower, going to sleep, getting on the treadmill, eating lean and green, and drinking only water.

And the third step, is the Reward of the proverbial carrot or the stick.
What do you get in return when you take this action over and over again?
That reward can be wide and varied and ultimately, it is anchored to an Emotional Pay Off.
Once that Reward Anchor is tied to the Initial Trigger, and you take that Repetitive Action, then you have created a new habit.

Back to the good or bad habit, relative to Female Orgasm:

First, who says it’s a bad habit?
Consider the source, and ask this question:
When Female Orgasm is one of the best activities a female can do for her health, wellness, and well being, how come Female Orgasm it is not a Good Habit?
Female Orgasm is ultimately Female Power, so you will come to your own conclusions.

So now we all agree, having a Female Orgasm is a Fantastic Habit to create.
It’s now time to create the Female Orgasm Every Other Day Habit:
Step 1: Set A Trigger: Hmm, I want that rush of all natural neural chemical cocktail of Orgasm Euphoria flooding through my body, making me feel fantastic.
Step 2: Take The Initial Action: Have an Orgasm, either Solo or Duo, whatever it takes, however long it takes, Have Your Orgasm.
Step 3: Feel The Reward: You feel fantastic, you save money, you look younger, you live longer, you have higher self esteem, you are more powerful.

Then simply repeat steps 1, 2, 3 every other day and you will find yourself Living AAAARRRGGHAZMICALLY.
How do I know?
Yes I had a bad habit for decades of not having an orgasm.
I created the CroBonez Personal Hand Held Pleasure Device and the CroBonez system to have massive AAAARRRGGHAZMZ.
So, yes I created a great new healthy habit: Female Orgasm Power!
Get Your Bone On Every Other Day for AAAARRRGGHAZM POWER NOW.

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Christine Phytoleen, The CroBonerator