What you Believe to be true, will be true for you!
Or how about, Seeing is Believing!
A Belief is something that evolves from Repetitive Programming of a thought, a word, or an action.
That Belief is a conditioned response, much like Pavlo proving his Pavlovian theory with the dogs.
Ponder for a moment that all of us have Beliefs which have been Programmed, both projected and subjective, and they are all stored in the Belief Closet.
Much like your own clothes closet, you have all different Beliefs hanging there, in the Belief Closet, waiting to be put on at the right moment.
And just like clothing fashion changes, Beliefs Change.
Remember back to your youth…….Thanksgiving dinner…..What did you eat? Tuna fish or turkey?
For the vast majority of people, turkey is associated with Thanksgiving.
To test this Belief, serve up a platter of Tuna sandwiches for Thanksgiving and see the DisBelief at the table.
And for Christmas, did you Believe in Santa Claus bringing presents?
Sure, only if you were Programmed to Believe in Santa Claus and that he only brought kids with good behavior presents.
Or what about the tooth fairy?
Or Prince(cess) Charming?
Or The World is Flat?
Or Masturbation is the Devil’s work?
(You knew that was coming.) Yes, it’s Programming.
You now have a clear understanding of how Programming and Beliefs result from actions or experiences that reinforce the Programs, over and over, until you decide to change the Programs, as well as the beliefs .
It’s now time to throw out some of the old, outdated, obsolete, unfashionable beliefs that no longer serve you or your Female Orgasm Power.
Clean out the closet and get some new style hanging in your Belief Closet.
PLAAAY is good for your Personal Power and Female Orgasm Power.
Having a Female Orgasm Every Other Day benefits you for health, prosperity, and personal power.
CroBonez is your Blossom’s Prince(cess) Charming and is a fashionable belief.
You come first and your partner comes second is now the way to orgasm.
Your Thoughts are Things. Words Have Meaning. Believe it, to Achieve it.
The Thoughts, the Words, the Beliefs – all in one – Get the new fashion!

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Christine Phytoleen, The CroBonerator