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Questions & Answers

I have never had an orgasm. Can this help me?

Oh Yeah! The CroBonez Personal Hand Held Pleasure Device is designed to create the perfect pressure and full, full feeling for as long as you want to maximize your orgasmic ecstatic release, either solo or duo use. Additionally, The Women’s Orgasm Workshop “Live” and “Online” are designed to educate, entertain, and empower women experientially.

My partner doesn't give me satisfaction, how can this help?

Women Come First is not just our saying, it is a mindset and you are not alone. Statistics show the majority of women do not have orgasms with a male partner. CroBonez is the Orgasm Tool to help you build your Orgasm Power.  Use CroBonez solo, by yourself. So when you are ready to share your Orgasm with a partner, you can then communicate to your partner with crystal clarity what YOU want not what they think you want.  When your partner puts total focus on you to be useful with your orgasm, then they too can have huge fulfillment.

I use vibrators, what's different about CroBonez?

The CroBonez products allow for more of an orgasmic build up in the total clitoral system inside and out. Your clitoral system is designed to receive arousal slowly, similar to a crock pot; a slow simmer to a boil. Vibrators may offer a top layer orgasm. The CroBonez orgasm tool provides deeper more full body orgasms with constant steady pressure for as long as you want as it does not focus on a single spot like most vibrators.

It looks big. Do I stick the whole thing in me?

NO. The Orb or Flower heads are the only part which is inserted into your body. The head of your choice on the pink silicone base fits like a perfect hand on the internal portion of your clitoris while the massaging hand flap meets up perfectly with the external part of the clitoris. This provides mass and weight for added pressure on the entire clitoral system. This is what creates the full, full feeling for as long as you want. The white handles are exactly that, handles to hold on to and apply the pressure and movements which feel good to you. You’re in control of your orgasms.

What do you suggest for lube?

My personal favorite is coconut oil. Any other of your favorite non-petroleum based lubricants will work.

How do I clean it after use?

Just wash it with soap and water.

If I have a question, how does it get answered?

Email your questions to with the specifics of your question, and you will get a quick response.

Can I talk with you one on one?

With the videos, the FAQs, and my blogs, I do my best to provide accurate simple information. When you have a specific valid question relative to the CroBonez product, system, or information in this site, send it to .

Do you do live seminars?

Yes, the Women’s Orgasm Workshop is for Women Only. Check the events page please.

What is your product guarantee?

CroBonez is hand crafted and is made of high quality USA materials. As such there may be an occasional insignificant cosmetic blemish that will not affect product performance. If a part fails due to craftsmanship, it can be exchanged. Due to the nature of the product use, it cannot be returned or refunded once purchased.

Are Results Guaranteed?

Individual results may vary in accordance to your situation, commitment, effort, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions. It’s like exercise. The more you practice, the better, the stronger, and the more efficiently you will produce orgasms for optimal health.
Just like everything in life, you get out what you put in.
The CroBonez product is designed by ME, a real woman who wanted to have what I was worthy and deserving of having and never received: ORGASMS!
Dick, Dildos, and Vibrators, I had a trunk full, none of them did the job.
The CroBonez Orgasm Tool helps build the mind-body connection for orgasms whenever I want.

Is CroBonez made in USA?

The CroBonez Personal Hand Held Pleasure Device is 100% handcrafted in the USA.
We use the highest quality platinum cure silicone made in the USA.
All of the plastic handle materials are made in the USA and all of the packaging materials are made in the USA.
CroBonez is fabricated and manufactured in Orlando, Florida.

How are UPS shipping charges calculated?

We use UPS shipping calculator which uses dimensional weight base on the shipping box dimensions.
UPS calculates the dimensional weight which equates to 6 pounds.
You select the UPS service you want to pay for. Orders are usually shipped within 2-3 business days of payment confirmation receipt from our manufacturing facility in Orlando, Florida.

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