The Women’s Orgasm Workshop Coming ONLINE August 15, 2020

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What is The Women’s Orgasm Workshop?                           As much as things have changed over these thousands of years, one thing still hadn’t changed – the quest for female orgasm power.

 That is until now with The Women’s Orgasm Workshop(WOW)

 The Women’s Orgasm Workshop is all about You and building Your Orgasm Power.

This workshop is for women who want more, more pleasure , more health and wellness, more self love, and yes, more Orgasm Power.      

The Women’s Orgasm Workshop is your own safe secure space for experiential learning and growth whenever and wherever you decide to be, solo or with someone who actually cares about you and your orgasm power. 

 At the Women’s Orgasm Workshop you are going to be in your own safe place where you can be free and open without judgement, from anyone.

 At the WOW, we are going to educate you, we are going to entertain you, we are going to empower you to take total control over your ORGASM as this is an EXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOP.

 As you  progress through the WOW modules you are going to feel better and more empowered than you have ever felt before.

To access the WOW modules, go to the shop page and invest in the $15.00 program.  This $15.00 initial investment in your Orgasm Power  which will be applied to any purchases you make on 

Wherever you are on the orgasm scale from zero to ten, and you want what you are worthy and deserving of: MORE ORGASM POWER,
And when you are serious on wanting more, and then getting what you want, purchase your ticket now on the events page.  


Sticks, Stones, and Bones with phallic designs or symbols have been found in early man’s cave dwellings.

What else does this tell us, Ladies?

Yes, even back to our origins, women have gotten the short end of the stick, no matter how much the caveman thought he had the magic club.
As much as things have changed over these thousands of years, one thing still hadn’t changed – the quest for female orgasm power.
That is until now.

As an advanced modern independent intelligent powerful woman, I had to go back to my primal roots, to figure out the Female Orgasm. The male and female primal body design is the same design we have today, with the same biological form and the same biological function.
Recognize a penis’s primary biological function is for urination and procreation.                                                                     It’s biological design is not compatible with your clitoris, which is a large inter-connected structure of Erectile Tissue, 90 percent of which is internal, and only has one non-biological function: YOUR PURE PLEASURE!

Attend The Women’s Orgasm Workshop and Get Your Bone On! You deserve it!