Hello Ladies,

Today, I’m going to talk about the Pure Pleasure Organ, the CLITORIS.

I find it so interesting when I ask women to describe their CLITORIS, how their words somehow become lost or scrambled…
Like it’s too embarrassing and they get short circuited.

Ask any guy to describe his penis, and he’ll give you his exact specifications, and know matter what the size or how it looks, he’ll be so proud, then offer up “Would you like to see it?”
The penis is part of the male identity.

So then, what happens with women and their CLITORIS?
Ok, I get it.
For some, it’s the embarrassment of talking about something that is hidden away, considered shameful, or taboo.

Then I ask women to draw their CLITORIS.
What! Draw it?
Then the perplexed look of the eyes rolling, to access the brain, and put what they know down on paper.
It’s always the same, whether spoken or drawn.
Almost always with some level of embarrassment, timidness, or shame:
“It’s that little button, above the lips.”

That is the same thing the most recent medical books say.
Guess what? Only a very small part of that information is correct.
The fact is, the external part of your CLITORIS, which everyone knows about,
is connected to 90 percent more, which is internal.
Your CLITORIS is much bigger than you think and most of it is internal.

So, you could go poking around, hoping to find your G Spot.
Or, you can watch my videos and understand how your CLITORIS is your POWER CENTER.
Once I learned how massive and interconnected the CLITORIS is,
as well as how to develop the orgasm neural pathway to the brain,
only then did AAAARRRGGHAZMS become reality.

When you are one of the majority of women who does not have a massive, temporarily incapacitating, AAAARRRGGHAZM when your partner does,
or does not have a massive, temporarily incapacitating, AAAARRRGGHAZM every other day,
then maybe its time for you to learn more about your CLITORIS and how the CroBonez system works for you.

I have a beautiful, powerful CLITORIS, I call it the POWER CENTER.
I proudly speak and show my CLITORIS, with No Shame and No Guilt.
It’s time for women to Evolve and be Proud of their CLITORIS!