Hello Ladies,

Of all of the things that one can choose to be afraid of, how come Orgasm creates such fear?
I wonder whether it’s the word Orgasm, or the physical act of having an Orgasm that creates this fear.
Possibly because Orgasm for Women has been pushed into the closet for so long and really hasn’t been important to anyone.
Maybe it’s because Orgasm for Women is more complex than it is for men and it hasn’t been fully understood.
Or maybe, it’s the fear of how women measure their Orgasms and compare them to what other women say their Orgasms are like.

Imagine when a woman develops the ability to have massive Orgasms which cause temporary loss of hearing, temporary loss of ability to speak, temporary loss of mobility, and an immediate burst of pheromones from the arm pits.
Imagine that she has developed the ability to have 3 of these massive Orgasmic responses in 15 minutes or less and then enjoys the flood of Orgasm DOPES from her brain for 2 days.
The physical response is intense, animalistic and not very pretty.
Sounds scary.

Well, I can tell you, I have developed into that woman and there is nothing to be afraid of.
When Female Orgasms are so beneficial for health and wellness, what’s to fear?
When Female Orgasms build confidence, strength and power, what’s to fear?
When Female Orgasms provide Sexual Equality, what’s to fear?
Be a Fearless Women and have Fierce AAAARRRGGHAZMZ!
Get Your Bone On with CroBonez!