Hello Ladies,

Did you know that little blue pill for the men generates about $5,000,000,000 a year in sales? Yes – 5 Billion!
And the drug companies are doing such a good job marketing those hard penis pills for men’s erection health that the young men, in their 20s, who watch too much porn, are now “suffering” from Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction. They’re going to doctors because of “performance anxiety” that they get when they’re with a real, flesh and blood woman.
Call it what you want, it is Dope Dealing. It gets legitimatized because its Big Pharma who is peddling the dope.
If you think the heroin problem in the USA is from Mexico, think again.
Follow the money and it leads to Big Pharma peddling the Opioid Pain Pills and the Docs prescribing them like candy.

What does this have to do with your Orgasm?
These same Dope Peddling companies are feverishly working on a pill for you to have orgasms.
It worked so well for the guys, they want to tap into the women who need to have orgasms. They figure women will snap it up just like they do for antidepressants, and hormone replacements.
Be prepared for the commercials:
“Tired, stressed, overweight, feeling low, lack of sex drive?
Then you most likely are suffering from Atrophy Vagina Whybotherosis.
Fortunately, there is now the pink Magic Orgasm Pill.
Just like a multivitamin, take one a day and you’ll live orgasmically.”
The magic pill is coming, no pun intended, and there will be side effects of taking that magic pill.

Ladies, you don’t need any magic orgasm pill.
You have what you need between your ears, legs, and now in your hands, with CroBonez Personal Hand Held Pleasure Device.
The Dope Companies will tell you what is Wrong with you.
I am going to tell you what is Right with you.
It doesn’t matter what happened in the past, you can now have massive orgasm power when you learn to connect your mind and body to build your orgasm neural pathway for All-Natural Female Orgasm Power.

The last thing women need is to take more dope.
What you can do is take action, right now, for your health and well being.
Clear your mind and cleanse your body.
Get Your Bone On and have an AAAARRRGGHAZM every other day.
Now that’s good medicine!