Hello Ladies,

It is estimated that the fragrance business of Perfumes is a 30 billion dollar a year industry. That’s a lot of scents making billions of dollars.
They spend billions of dollars on the fancy packaging and sexy advertising, all to have you buy a fragrance.

What do you buy Perfumes or personal fragrances for?
Maybe to mask an odor or to emit a scent that appeals and attracts something or someone?
I’m sure you notice in the advertisements it is for the “hope” of attracting.

There are natural scents which cause the brain to trigger positive responses
like vanilla, spice, and lavender. I’m sure there are some you love, like the wonderful scents emitting from blossoms of citrus, lilac, honeysuckle, and jasmine.
You probably have heard of the benefits of Aroma Therapy.

You may also know that some retailers use scents in their store to get you to buy more stuff. Some have figured out how to “pipe” scents to certain areas of the store to trigger you to feel good and then buy.
Look at all of the scented candles and wick or aerosol products that are being promoted to kill odors and mask bad smells.

Maybe in the old days, when personal hygiene products were not readily available, perfume was a masking agent for body odors.
So what is the purpose of Perfume today?
Is it another one of those things peddled to women, suggesting that they are not attractive enough to get someone, therefore, put on some Perfume and that will attract them?

I do not use any Perfume, because I don’t need it.
I have the most powerful Perfume there is and I found it by accident.
In the development of my CroBonez Personal Hand Held Pleasure Device and discovering AAAARRRGGHAZM Power, I also discovered my Piratey Perfume.
When I started having my AAAARRRGGHAZMZ , I began to notice a very distict scent that seemed to explode out of my pores, when I exploded.
My body seemed to be radiating my Primal Pheromone Perfume, when I AAAARRRGGHAZMED.

You want proof of massive AAAARRRGGHAZM – sniff an whiff your armpits after AAAARRRGGHAZM. This is proof like nothing else and it is pure primal animal attraction at its best.
I call it Piratey Perfume and you want to take about attraction!
Have a couple of AAAARRRGGHAZMZ, leave the Piratey Perfume in place, then go out in public. You will be amazed at your new attraction power.
It’s instantaneous and cannot be faked.
Orgasms are not AAAARRRGGHAZMZ which trigger your brain to release the pheromones. AAAARRRGGHAZMZ are part of the design of primal attraction.
So you can spray away or you can douse yourself with AAAARRRGGHAZM Piratey Perfume Every Other Day and really attract things to you.
Get Your Bone On with MeCroBonez every other day and live the AAAARRRGGHAZMIC Life!
Your positive comments and responses are always appreciated.