All of the programming, whether it is projected onto you from external sources or subjective, from inside of you, starts with this one thing, a Thought.
Thoughts are indeed things, powerful things! Your ability to sift through and decipher the thoughts which benefit you, before you accept them as true or not for you, is going to have a massive impact on your personal power and Female Orgasm.
Thought Control is a real thing. The ability to influence someone else’s thoughts is not a new concept.

It’s even in the bible, “For as He thinks in his heart, so is He.”
There it is, crystal clear male programming for domination over females.
No “woman” or “she” in that proverb and that program is what is projected onto females throughout and across religions. Someone else tells you what to think, over and over. You accept the thought as ok and start thinking that way. Now you’ve created a new Belief.
This is how Thought Control leads to Mind Control.

I prefer Descartes Thought Control concept so much more: “Cogito, Ergo, Sum!”=“I Think, therefore I am!”
Who has Thought Control in that Program I DO!
I am in control of my own Thought Control and Mind Control!
Female Orgasm power starts with females taking total control over their own thoughts and mind. I call your mind, your Control Center, as those thoughts you have determine everything else, from self esteem, self love, self confidence, self motivation, self determination, self reliance, and AAAARRRGGHAZM POWER.

How come as a female you are not taught or programmed as to how your Mind and Body are connected for Female Orgasm?
Equality of the sexes huh? Then how come females are not programmed to tell a male partner:
“I Come First, Always! You provide me excellent service first, then you’ll get yours.”

Big Pharma has Thought Control nailed: “Low Energy, got the blues, feeling down in the dumps….do you breathe in air? Then we have a pill for you!”
Where’s the ad “Feel Great, Be Energized, Get Younger, Love YourSelf, Have A Massive AAAARRRGGHAZM?” Who is projecting that program and those feelings onto you and me?

Oh, that’s right – it’s on my website and my youtube channel CroBonerator.
Female Orgasm is about your thoughts and how you think about it and you.
So ponder this thought challenge: How come you are not having a Female Orgasm Every Other Day?

“Lead With My Mind, My Blossom Will Follow, My AAAARRRGGHAZMZ Are Within My Reach!”
Hmm, I wonder where that thought comes from?
Get Your Bone On Today for
Female Orgasm Every Other Day!

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Christine Phytoleen, The CroBonerator