Female Orgasm Every Other Day: “I’m Too Busy.”

This is a common response many ladies share with me as to why they are not having Orgasms
“I’m Too Busy.”
This begs the question: “What are you Too Busy doing to not block out 15 minutes
a day just for your health, personal well being, and power by having an Orgasm?”

If you watch any TV, then DVR everything, so you can use those 20 minutes of 
commercials every hour to program your Orgasm Show.
If you have a job or career, then you know how to block out time in your daily or 
weekly plan to make an Orgasm Appointment with yourself.
If you do any exercise, a great time for Orgasm Fitness can either be in your warm up or 
even better to cool down.
If you sleep, go to sleep 15 minutes earlier and have an Bedtime Orgasm, you’re going to sleep better.
If you wake up in the morning, wake up 15 minutes earlier and have and Good Morning Orgasm, you’re going to have a better day.
If you eat food, add Orgasm onto your menu and choose your time to Orgasm Feast to be fit and trim.
If you drink any alcoholic beverages or use any type of pharma to try and feel good, then throw yourself a Orgasm Happy Hour.
Ultimately, it’s a choice.  The choice to Orgasm and be healthy and empowered or think you are “Too Busy.” 
Orgasm Time is now, otherwise it never comes.
So here’s the simple math: 168 hours in a week. 
15 minutes of massive AAAARRRGGHAZM POWER with CroBonez, Times 3(Every Other Day), is 45 minutes of time to have massive multiple AAAARRRGGHAZMZ with CroBonez.  Flood your body with AAAARRRGGHAZMIC euphoria that lasts for a couple of days.
So how Busy Are You really to not set aside 60 minutes a week all and only for you – all and only for your Orgasm Power?

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Christine Phytoleen, The CroBonerator