Female Orgasm Every Other Day: “Why Bother?”

“Why Bother?”  When you did your W I I F M for having an Orgasm Every Other Day,
you must have come up with some benefits, some motivations that are in your best interest.

The challenge with the “Why Bother?” is that it can easily lead to:
Atrophy Vagina Whybotherosis.
Shands Hospital diagnosed me with Atrophy Vagina as to the reason I wasn’t having orgasms and I could have easily deteriorated to Atrophy Vagina Whybotherosis.
Not having orgasms is just like when not exercising causes muscle weakness and atrophy. The same exact thing happens with the vagina, clitoris, and the neural pathway connecting to a female’s brain are not exercised.
Having sex is not the same as having orgasms.
So “Why Bother?” to have a Female Orgasm Every Other Day?
I believe it’s the real measure of EQUALITY of the sexes.  
As you know, the guys are jerkin and fapping away at least 5 days a week.
Having an Orgasm Every Other Day is as necessary to a female’s mind-body health as food, water, and sleep are. And, you are going to have a more fulfilling life!

It is this Simple:
You have a Clitoris, it has only One Function- Your Pure Pleasure!
There’s no emotional or logical reason to find any other substitute, like drinking, doing drugs, over eating, or shopping, to feel good.
Orgasms release a neural chemical cocktail which gives you the most natural, perfect sense of euphoria.

I Get My Bone On with CroBonez for my Every Other Day Orgasm Blast of AAAARRRGGHAZM POWER NOW!
How do think I got A Trophy Vagina!?

So “Why Bother?” to have an Orgasm Every Other Day?…
IT’S GOOD FOR YOU, that’s “Why”!

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Get Your Bone On with CroBonez for AAAARRRGGHAZM POWER NOW!
Christine Phytoleen, The CroBonerator