Every Other Day Orgasm: W I I F M To Orgasm?

It’s that thing tattooed on everyones forehead: W I I F M?
What’s In It For Me? It’s the basic question for decisions and choices you make all the time. 
The answers will lead to expected benefits and motives for action. 
Go ahead and ask yourself: What’s In It For Me to have an Orgasm Every Other Day?

Whatever you came up with, let’s expand the list of basic benefits and motivations.
When I Have An Orgasm Every Other Day this is W I I F M:
-My brain releases a natural neural chemical cocktail which makes me feel fantastic.
-This state of orgasm euphoria fosters a positive attitude and optimistic outlook.
-When my attitude improves, my natural tendency is to begin to self improve.
-My self improvement builds my confidence, my self esteem, and my self love.
-My self love allows challenges to become manageable and transform into realistic  
  opportunities for me.
-My opportunities for health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness arise.

Are there more expected benefits to having your Every Other Day Orgasm?
Absolutely YES! 
You can watch my video on AAAARRRGGHAZM Benefits to get you motivated even more and 
then take action now to Get Your Bone On with CroBonez and have massive AAAARRRGGHAZMZ.

I’d love to know your WIIFM Orgasm to AAAARRRGGHAZM Benefits and motivations 
email me at:   eupd@crobonez.com
It’s Wednesday, when are you having your Orgasm today?
Christine Phytoleen, The CroBonerator