My Every Other Day Orgasm: Monday 1-18-16 The Female Orgasm Challenge

Female Orgasm! Talk about a touchy subject, this is it.
What is so amazing is when it comes to male erections,
there are advertisements everywhere, jokes abound, hard dicks are out in the open.
Start talking about Female Orgasm and it’s like you are planning a terrorist attack.

Female Orgasm stirs up deep emotions in both sexes as Female Orgasm Repression, Female Orgasm Suppression, and Female Orgasm Depression is now prevalent everywhere.
It was only just a couple of years ago that I was one of those lacking orgasms. It wasn’t for lack of sex, I had plenty of that. After years of trying, and hearing about orgasm hoopla I almost gave up….until I decided to figure the Female Orgasm thing out for myself.

There are statistics out there that say more than half of women do not have orgasms and the majority, like 70 percent, fake orgasms regularly.
That was me until decided I had enough, I WANT MY ORGASM.
It began with questions which gave me a purpose and set me on a mission.
It started with me taking my personal inventory:
Plenty of dick = no orgasm.
Trunk full of dildos(dick replacement)=no orgasm.
Multiple vibrators(may as well stick my finger in a light socket)=no orgasm.
Brain is always working=no orgasm.
Play with self= ORGASM with dislocated shoulder, hyper extended elbow,
Carpal Tunnel Vaginal Syndrome in my hand and wrist.
What was missing?
Was I alone, left adrift in the No Female Orgasm GAP for the rest of my life?
What is wrong with me?
This was all now unacceptable, and so my Orgasm to AAAARRRGGHAZM Voyage began.

The pursuit of Female Orgasm Power became my mission, my sole purpose.
In this purpose driven pursuit, I invented my CroBonez Personal Hand Held Pleasure Device and system. Opportunity arising from challenge as I was diligently pursuing Female Orgasm and what I ended up getting is was so much, much, much, more: AAAARRRGGHAZM.
In this purpose driven pursuit I discovered many things.
One is that Female Orgasm is a biological health function which provides massive wellness and health benefits for females.
And I discovered a lot of resistance.

So now here is my Female Orgasm Challenge for you ladies:
I challenge you to have an orgasm a minimum of three days a week.
Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I am going to send out my Female Orgasm Every Other Day Blog which will educate, entertain, and empower you to get what is your birthright at least 3 days every week:FEMALE ORGASM POWER!
Get Your Bone On with me and comment.
Christine Phytoleen, The CroBonerator